About Emailed Correspondence and Moveups

Emails sent to us regarding move-ups, cancellations, etc will be addressed on a priority basis.  All correspondence will be processed within one week of receipt; however, those emails that pertain to the current trial will be processed before emails regarding trials that are scheduled for a later date.

We always send a reply email with a revised confirmation attached to all emailed moveup requests when they are processed.  
We always send a reply email to all emailed cancellation requests when they are processed.  

If a response is NOT received before the above deadlines
, please email it again and also send a backup fax request. Only call me if the emailed and faxed requests do not get a timely reply.   I cannot accept moveup request verbally.  All moveup requests must be either emailed, faxed, or mailed.   My fax number is 1-888-521-1706.   ISP SPAM filters can cause non-delivery of emails.  Just because you sent an email to moveup or cancel that does not mean that I have gotten it.  If you do not get a reply - then it means we never got it.  

Move-up deadlines are
Mondays at 6:00 p.m. before the trial weekend
Cancellation and changes to class (except moveups) deadline is trial closing date and time (see premium).  

Please remember that Fast Times and the club are not responsible for emails that do not get delivered and therefore will not cancel an entry after the closing date and time or make a moveup after the moveup deadline due to non delivery of an email request.


When emailing a moveup to us please just give the following information on separate lines.

Owner Name (not Handler name)
Dog Call Name
Move up for what days (Saturday, Sunday, etc.)
Moving from   (include STD, JWW, or FAST)  
Moving to   (include STD, JWW or FAST)

Remember that you must send a separate email with the TRIAL NAME IN THE SUBJECT LINE for each trial moveup or cancellation. Each trial is a separate database so I do not know what other trials you are entered in and I process moveups and cancellations one trial at a time not by individual email.